Mountain Mutts

Mountain Mutts - Canmore Dog Walking
High quality, professional dog walking, cat sitting, and puppy/seniors pet checks in
Canmore, Kananaskis and the Bow Valley

We take the "ruff" out of your dog's day! 

Pets are family, they're like our kids...some say they are even better than our kids!! With life in Canmore getting busier and faster everyday, you need someone you can rely on to look after the special needs of your high-energy dog or cat when you don't have time to. Mountain Mutts caters to four-legged friends like no one else. Book one of our dog walking or cat sitting services and we'll prove it!

We offer high quality, professional and fun pet care services. Our signature service is off-leash 
dog walking in small groups(6 dogs max per dog walker), on mountain trails on Crown land(public land) and private land, where it's legal to walk dogs off-leash. It's really canine hiking where the dogs have a chance to run and play on the trails, explore scents, jump over logs and refresh in cool mountain streams. On each hike we make from 3-6km of tracks per hour. Woodstock and Schroeder, our canine hiking guides, along with Scott and Laurie Smylie (Mountain Mutts Dog walkers and owners), lead all our off-leash small group dog walks, showing new pups the ropes, keeping the dogs active, happy, and safe. After our excursions, we will send you pictures of your furry buddy to let you know where we've made tracks around Canmore / Kananaskis each day.    

We also offer pet visits/pee breaks for puppies and senior dogs, and cat sitting in your cat's own home in Canmore, Kananaskis and surrounding area of the Bow Valley.

Peace of mind and a better relationship with your dog or cat comes from knowing that your furry family is getting the exercise, love and attention he/she craves and that your little buddy is safe and well cared for when you’re too busy or away from home. We're here to help you with all your pet care needs, call us today and give your furry loved ones the attention they deserve!

It's a business, and it's a lifestyle

We're geared to meet all types of pets and owners' needs. Whether it's joining other Mountain Mutts for off-leash play on mountain trails or signing up your older dog for a relaxed senior's "Zen Walk" you'll know that your dog will have tons of fun, lots of socialization, and plenty of fresh air!


  • Dog walking - off-leash dog walks on mountain trails (from 3-6km) 
  • Cat Sitting 
  • Pet Checks and Pee breaks (great for puppies and older dogs) 

Pets love us, you will too!

We're crazy about pets: we accept mutts in all shapes and sizes - but no biters please! Don't wait another minute; it's time to take care of your furry family! Call Mountain Mutts to book your dog walker, cat sitting, pet sitting, or puppy visits today. We look forward to seeing your Mountain Mutts soon!
We are open daily Monday to Friday from 8:30am to 5:30pm. We don't work weekends or statutory holidays. 
Call us to learn more. Local phone in Canmore, Alberta: 1-403-493-DOGS (1-403-493-3647).

Check out our Facebook page and please like us when you get a chance!
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